The Ag Health and Safety Alliance focuses on health and safety for the next generation of agriculture. Our programs are tailored specifically to our audience with ongoing development and promotion of dynamic programs.

To develop and deliver programs the Ag Health and Safety Alliance partners with individuals and organizations who are interested in fun and interactive education.

Our signature program, Gear Up for Ag Health and Safety focuses on the College Ag students. This program was developed by the founder of Ag Health and Safety Alliance along with the leadership of individuals who have a farming background and exhibit passion and determination to protect future generations of Agriculture.

Our experience in North American and other countries gives us the ability to offer programs that promote agriculture as a global community with common Ag health and safety issues than can cross borders.


Next Generation

Gear Up for Ag Health and Safety

The Gear Up for Ag Health and Safety signature program focuses on the next generation of agriculture by interacting with students at Ag colleges. This interactive program starts with a student survey resulting in a customized training to deliver an Ag health safety message that related directly to their exposures at work and home. This program is applicable to any student that is engaged with agriculture in any way such as on farm work, Ag business, Ag extension, Ag education, Ag trades, veterinary medicine, public health and many more. 

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4-7 Generation

Ag Health and Safety Program

The Farm Safety Day Leaders Guide (Teens Teaching 4-7 Year old Children) is designed to give young children an age appropriate introduction to the concepts of farm safety. The program was developed by Carolyn Sheridan, founder of Ag Health and Safety Alliance  in collaboration with Farm Safety 4 Just Kids and continues to be utilized across North America in combination with other Ag health and safety programs. Our organization is partnering to update this program so it can be offered in a new format. Contact us to find out how you can work with us to use this program now. 

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Multi Generations

Ag Health and Safety Program

The Gear Up for Ag Health and Safety Signature Program can be adapted to a unique audience that includes several generations living and working together in agriculture. This type of program brings together students, families, agricultural producers and workers in the classroom to stimulate discussion and interaction to create new methods of addressing health and safety for multi generations. 

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